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Living without fear

Welcome to Life with Thyroid Cancer in my 30s, my very own passion project to raise awareness about thyroid cancer in young adults. 

Explore my site and my blog posts about my diagnosis, surgery, recovery and life after thyroid cancer. 

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D day.

This picture isn't me. But I thought it best captured how I felt that day. The uncertainty, mystery, the vague understanding of me having...

The magic word: sleep.

Oh sleep. How underrated this word is. Prior to my surgery, I never really had much trouble falling asleep. Well except those days that I...

Facing death

My mom's 9-year-old Pomeranian passed away yesterday. His name was "dou dou", which means "little bean" in English. He died of heart...

Facing fear

This was really prompted by a question I was asked when I visited a naturopathic doctor, ”how is your relationship with your emotions?”...

A routine doctor's appointment

Written on October 19, 2019 Just last week this time I was still sitting on a beach on Oahu island in Hawaii. We were just finishing our...

Why I started this blog

I remember when I was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I felt helpless, confused, lost and started Googling everything like a mad...

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