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Why I started this blog

I remember when I was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I felt helpless, confused, lost and started Googling everything like a mad woman. There was very little information available that talk about what it's like to go through the surgery, what the recovery process feels like, or how one's body will feel or look differently after the surgery. So I started writing down my own experiences, starting from the day I received my diagnosis in December 2018.

Now fast forward to April 2019, the day I hit publish and start building this blog.

First diagnosis:

First ultrasound

Second ultrasound + fine needle biopsy

First ENT specialist appointment

First otolaryngologist/surgeon appointment

Third ultrasound at hospital

pre-op appointment at hospital

Surgery day at hospital

First night stay at hospital

First night home after surgery

My recovery journey...

After the series of events happened above, I took a break from work to recover, went back to work, and went back to taking a break. As of the day this post is published, it's now 7 weeks after my surgery. My physical body has healed slowly, but it wasn't until now that I finally realized, this is way more than physical healing process, it's an emotional mending process. In the past few weeks, I've felt anger, stress, anxiety, sadness, love, gratitude, compassion, in all range and forms, all of which bundled together and wrapped me up like a ball with no where to go. So here I am, slowly but surely, sharing my recovery story to the person that will be just like me. Young, athletic, self-deemed healthy but was thrown a curve ball by life called cancer.

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